Orphan Circus offers a variety of services to public, private and non-profit parties. We customize each performance to your needs in terms of the number of performers, the acts performed and the duration.

From a casual afternoon family picnic to a dramatic evening backdrop for your non-profit fundraiser, Orphan Circus will delight, engage and thoroughly entertain every age group. Orphan Circus can play up the circus theme or costume to any theme you’ve already chosen.

Performances can include any combination of the services:

At 25 feet up in the air: On the ground:
Silk Fabric Juggling
Trapeze Unicycle
Lyra Hula Hoop

Pricing is based on the number of performers and the number duration of your event. Please call us at 303-889-9797, email us at info@orphancircus.org, or click here, to find out how we can customize an event for you.