Aerial Acrobat

Livi took to the air before age 1 when she scaled her crib on a regular basis. By age 2 her parents were desperate to safely channel her talent and enrolled her in kiddy gymnastics. By second grade, she discovered the uneven bars, joined a gymnastics team and placed Second in the State her first year. After injuries sidelined Livi’s competitions, Cirque du Soleil artist Kristy Powell introduced her to aerial fabric and it was love at first flight. Livi will be attending the New York Trapeze School in 2012. Circus aside, Livi has a full time summer job. She will graduate high school in 2016.

Shay Silver

Aerial Acrobat

Shay Silver started her athletic endeavors in the gymnastics world at the age of 2, where she had several coaches until one of them (Monnya Silver) turned her on to Aerial Fabric at the age of 6. After being exposed to Aerial Fabric she decided to dedicate her time and training to doing everything circus ever since. She has trained with 3 different circus troupes, and has had a number of professional coaches in her career. She is now an aerial fabric artist, aerial cube artist, aerial sling artist, and hula hoop artist. After graduating high school she plans on going to nursing school and trying out for the National Circus School of Montreal. Shay Silver will graduate from high school in 2016.



From a very early age, Ivy had a tiny red plastic keyboard and a bunch of crayons to keep music and art in her life. Ivy took on percussion in fifth grade for instrumental music class and never looked back.

What makes her crazy with joy are the anime books and video games that catapulted her music and artistic skills into overdrive. As a Middle School Band member, she performed in the University of Colorado Middle School Honor Band. She later joined her High School band as a percussionist, and it has been her passion ever since. Ivy is now captain of the percussion section. She has also played live pit for a professional acting troupe in the summer of 2011. Ivy is now expanding her musical talents by learning to play the guitar (acoustic and electric) as well as the harp. Her creative juice has her drawing like a maniac while she figures out how to divide the rest of her time between manga, anime, good music, and video games. She loves working with Orphan Circus and hopes to continue with it for a good long while! Ivy graduated from high school in 2014.